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Dream Look Auto Detailing provides a range of prices and cutting-edge interior services and technology to

restore any vehicle back to its great look and feel.


       We all spend a significant portion of our lives inside our vehicle and can be hard sometimes to maintain it with our busy lives. Whether the inside is messy or just needs a good cleaning, we will do this for you. We will vacuum, brush, wipe, shampoo, scrub, extract using any other professional means necessary to remove stains and grime. We are adamant about recreating the manufacturer’s look and feel of the interior.

Full Interior service includes:  starting at - Small car $169,  Truck / 2 row SUV  $189 ,  3 row SUV / Mini Van $219,  Commercial Vans $249

  •  Complete wipe down
  •  Vacuum entire Interior & trunk
  •  Compressed air purging of tight areas and fine bushing
  •  Instruments and panels
  •  Windows, mirrors and sunroof   ( Window cleaner spray - Very pleasant smell loved by customers!)
  •   Air Vents
  •  Cup holders
  •  Gauges
  •  Steering column
  •  Doors
  •  Consoles
  •  Glove box
  •  Seat tracks
  •  Seat belts
  •  Odor removal
  •  Navigation screen delicately wiped
  •  Premium interior dressing applied to enrich tone of all surfaces  ( Dressing - Very pleasant, smell loved by customers!)
  •  Shampoo of all carpets and Upholstery
  •  Hot water extraction on  carpet, upholstery and floor mats

*** $35 Travel fee will be added if traveling to home in Salt Lake Valley.

                                                    *** $65 outside Salt Lake county,...prices may be more depending on distance**'*   

"PET HAIRS" - There will be an additional $59.00 starting fee for Pet hair & Lint removal if customer is wanting this to be removed. This is a timely & difficult process since it is hard to remove*** Prices may be more if there is a more extensive amount of pet hairs  or Lint within the vehicle.

  • "Engine Detail" - Opitional (not included) - If selling your vehicle, a big selling point is an "Engine Detail ($69)"... best because a buying customer will always pop the hood open to see & check the engine. If the engine looks grimy & Dirty this is a big turn off...

                                                                     Pet hair / Lint removal: starting at $59

We use a professional Pet Hairbrush's that will cling and grab those unwanted hairs/Lint from your carpet/fabric & upholstery, followed by vacuuming. This can be a timely process since pet hairs are one of the hardest things to be removed and can be anywhere from dashboards, seats, under seats, carpets, floor mats, virtually anywhere in the vehicle.

***Due to the fact we cannot see your vehicle until arrival, all prices are subject to change based on the condition and size of the vehicle *** 

Locations we Service

Salt Lake City / Sandy / South Jordan / Taylorsville / Murray / Riverton / Herriman / West Jordan / West Valley / Midvale / Holladay / Cottonwood Heights / South Salt Lake / Alta / Mount Olympus

Also serving  Davis, Weber, Utah, & Tooele counties

Call for requests on other areas 

Contact Us

7:00 am. – 7:00 pm. Monday-Friday

7:00 am. – 3:00 pm. Saturday- Sunday

You may call or Text after hours to set up appointment for next day.

Phone: 801-556-6914



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